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Tom Van Bortel
About Tom Van Bortel

Hey! 👋

I’m Tom, and I’m here to help you with designing your brand from scratch or do a full rebrand so that your brand can look professional on any platform and attract more customers.

Since 2004, my graphical design career started, and I have helped more than 150+ clients with their design and branding. I’m always learning new things about design and follow the current design trends.

I have got a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, option Digital Design. After my graduation, I did my bachelor’s degree in Graphic management in Tilburg (The Netherlands). Over the years, I have become more interested in User Experience and always try to make my designs with the user in mind. Through good listening, I’ll try to understand what the needs are and how I can translate that into a design.

I’m passionate about making design, reading books, especially on productivity, and a big fan of the NBA. I also like to practice functional training and running in my spare time. Further, I’m intrigued by all kinds of trading cards (sports and non-sports) from a design standpoint.

As a person, I’m empathic and a good listener. I like food (that’s why I do functional training 😅 ) and enjoy listening to electronic dance music.

Head on over to my blog to see what I’m doing.

Interested to work together, contact me.

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