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logo creation for zipster

February 3, 2021
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Zipster is a digital referral platform that helps healthcare providers refer patients to local welfare actors.

Based on a psychosocial survey of the patient, the healthcare provider can detect the patient’s support needs through Zipster and initiate a referral to the appropriate local supportive welfare actors.

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logo creation

When I get asked to create a logo, I always try to get to know the client. Listen to their story and ask questions.

What do they envision, and do I understand that vision?

It’s an essential aspect of Healthcare to have a connection with people.

I tried to incorporate the link through the zipper-like line in a square that represents Healthcare. I made it softer with the curved corners.

The line also represents the flow, from where people start in their healthcare traject to a destination.

The colored dot on the “i” means we do all we can to help you with the best care possible.

In my first attempt, I was too focused on Health and the zipper.

After a constructive feedback session with the client, I created the current version.

Zipster version one
first version
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