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Ventigrate logo update

Ventigrate -featured
Ventigrate -featured
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Ventigrate is an experienced IT company that can help you with SharePoint, .NET, or O365 solutions. 

When I started working for Ventigrate as a designer consultant in 2012, the company logo had the green and grey color en a splash of blue. The font used in the logo was very narrow, which didn’t do well for reading.


When examining the logo, you can see that there are some problems with the white space around the letters. And I also found that the symbol was a bit too big and not appropriately aligned with the text.


A little while later, I started experimenting with a different font. The reason was that I wanted to make Ventigrate more noticeable. Stand-out. Give it a more robust but modern view. 

First, I just changed the font and left the logo in place. It didn’t work for me, so I tried to separate the name and the logo, in a horizontal direction and a vertical direction.

2014 - part 1

With the logo separated from the name, I tried to make the logo more in line with the name. You can now draw an imaginary rectangle around the logo, so there is no extra white space. Now that the logo is more in line, I wanted to bring the color back in.

2014 - part 2

Finally, I found out that, when Ventigrate was founded, they had a tint of red. So I brought it back into the logo, but more saturated. In combination with the grey and whitespace, it works really well. The double arrow right and left are a reference to the programming in IT.

If you have any feedback, let me know 😉

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